Thing 1 – Read about the program

Welcome to Chisholm’s 23 Things program!

23 Things is online learning program that encourages staff to learn more about emerging technologies on the web, technologies that are changing the way people, society and libraries access information and communicate with each other.

Over the course of the next twelve weeks, this website will highlight “23 Things” by using discovery exercises to help staff become familiar with blogging, RSS news feeds, tagging, wikis, podcasting, online applications, video and image hosting sites, and more.

How the program works

Each week we’ll cover two or three Things, and from Week 2 you’ll be required to write one or two paragraphs on your experience of the week’s activities. You can write about how you completed the exercises, how the Thing could relate to the Library at Chisholm, or about anything else that’s relevant to the program that week.

There’s no word limit, but as a guide you should probably write no fewer than 100 words each week. More details on submitting your write-ups as blog posts will be provided in Week 2.

Each Thing will usually consist of a practical discovery exercise – the idea being that you’ll learn by doing. Be prepared to experiment! The program is all about experiencing the new technologies by playing with them.

So fasten your seat belts, grab your mouse and get ready for a discovery adventure… and remember, it’s OK to play in the library and have fun!

Your task

For this first Thing, all you need to do is read the list of 23 things you’ll be doing and have a look through some of the additional resources listed below. When you’ve done that, don’t forget to work through Thing 2.


Credit: Adapted from the PLCMC Thing posted by HeleneB, under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, and from the Swinburne University Thing posted by TRR, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

Original content by Jason Peart for the Chisholm Institute Library.
© Chisholm Institute 2008, released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.


4 Responses to “Thing 1 – Read about the program”

  1. Amy Says:

    Looking forward to getting started!

  2. Colin Says:

    Finally found some time to get started …

  3. Leeanne Says:

    I’ve some catching up to do!

  4. Carol Says:

    I think itis time to start 23 things

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