Thing 4 – Register your blog

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already completed three of the 23 Things!

Before beginning this task, you should have created your very own blog and written at least one post. If not, complete the previous step now.

Your task

Your next task is to tell us about your blog. Remember, you can remain anonymous to everyone else if you like, but you will need to let the 23 Things committee know who you are…

To tell us about your blog, just email its url to Jason Peart via GroupWise, along with whether or not you want to be anonymous!

We will be making a list of all the blogs available on this website.

Using your blog

From now on, you’ll need to use your blog to write about each remaining week of Things that you complete. We’ll use this as a record of where you are up to in 23 Things.

Even though we number each task and have a weekly schedule, you may complete tasks out of order or move at your own pace. Don’t feel bad about taking a break – there will always be help here when you come back!

More about blogs

The front page of a blog (like this one!) shows the entries in reverse order, with the newest entry at the top. That’s one reason why blogs are suitable for news, where the latest information is usually the most relevant.

To get more of a feel for what blogs are all about, take a look at the following video:


Credit: Adapted from the PLCMC Thing posted by HeleneB, under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, and from the Swinburne University Thing posted by TRR, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Video from Common Craft.

Original content by Jason Peart for the Chisholm Institute Library.
© Chisholm Institute 2008, released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.


One Response to “Thing 4 – Register your blog”

  1. Robertosol Says:

    I want to download XRumer 12!
    Help me!!!

    P.S. XRumer 7.0.12 – is too old!!! I need 12.0.6 version

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